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Presented by Steve Haddadin,

Thank you for visiting the official National Wagyu Day website! As a steak connoisseur, I came across my first experience with a Wagyu Authentication Certificate in Columbus, Ohio at Hyde Park Steakhouse. They give it out when you order Wagyu. Reviewing the certificate led me to another level of curiosity that led me to the Japanese Carcass Verification Bureau website. I was mind-blown. Then, one day, I decided to look up when National Wagyu Day was and realized that it did not exist. I was determined to take the next steps to declare National Wagyu Day. Thanks to the help of restaurants, butchers, bloggers, and the media, National Wagyu Day is officially an observance.

The purpose of National Wagyu Day is to spread awareness of the rigorous authentication process and also to celebrate the delicacy of Wagyu. Ask for a certificate the next time you order Wagyu and please see below for the steps to authenticate Wagyu.


Recently, the American Wagyu Association recognized National Wagyu Day. To my surprise, there is also an authentication process for American Wagyu, it is internal. My goal is to get them to make an accessible verification portal for consumers similar to the Japanese authentication process.

Please visit my official site, if you would like to connect and learn more about me. Remember to use the hashtag #NationalWagyuDay when posting your celebration to get added to the celebrations page, I may also reach out to you with something.

Authenticating Wagyu

After receiving a copy of the Wagyu authentication certificate, here are the steps to authenticating it:

Japanese Carcass verification bureau website

Step 1: Website

Visit the Japanese Carcass Verification Bureau Website.

Step 2: Translate


Note, the website is in Japanese. If you do not understand Japanese then you will need to translate it to English or a language that you understand. Right click and translate it to English. Note, some elements to the website won't translate such as the bottons to agree to the terms. That is because they are images. You will need to translate every page that you are directed to as it is not automatically applied per page.

Terms of Service

Step 3: Cattle Identification

As noted, some items on the website do not translate because they are images. After translating the website, the buttons are still in Japanese. The green button is the next step. You will need to click the green button to get to the cattle identification page. But first, the terms of service page. Translate it to be able to read the terms and then proceed with the blue button, just like the green button it does not translate.

Authentication certificate

Step 4: Cattle ID number

After clicking the blue button as directed in step 3, you will be directed to the cattle identification page. The next step is to translate the page and locate the Cattle ID number from the certificate that you requested your server or butcher. You will need this to authenticate the Wagyu.

Cattle Identification

Authenticated Wagyu

Once you enter it in the field, click the blue button, which also did not translate because it is an image. You will then be directed to the identification of the cattle. This will be in Japanese again, so you will have to translate it. As shown in the image, you will have an accounting of the cattle from birth to slaughter.

Congratulations! You have now authenticated the Wagyu on your plate!

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